Why Do Children Need Pediatric Dental Crowns

Why Do Children Need Pediatric Dental Crowns

Sep 06, 2021

Children are susceptible to the problem of tooth decay and cavities during their developmental years. During the early years, when children are still developing their oral hygiene habits, they do not limit sugar and starchy foods unless supervised by parents constantly. As a result, they eventually develop tooth decay and cavities, which in many cases expands rapidly unless their parents ensure the child gets a dental filling. Unfortunately, when holes are neglected, they worsen rapidly, making dental fillings insufficient for tooth restoration. In such cases, parents have no alternative but to visit a pediatric dentist near me requesting a solution to overcome the problem encountered by the child.

If parents take their child to Radford dental, they will likely receive recommendations for restorations on their tooth with pediatric dental crowns. Unfortunately, parents may think the dentists at this facility recommend a treatment reserved exclusively for adults with permanent teeth failing to realize pediatric dental crowns help restore severely weakened teeth in everyone instead of merely adults. Therefore, children’s parents must consider their child’s dental health before casting aspersions on what the dentist recommended.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Parents may receive recommendations for pediatric dental crowns for various reasons. For example, crowns are appropriate to cover a tooth without sufficient tooth structure to prevent it from breaking further, restore a tooth that has undergone root canals, or even restore a fractured tooth.

Dentists recommend pediatric crowns near me only when a child’s tooth becomes severely decayed, making dental fillings insufficient to preserve the tooth. Parents must consider the recommendation as a conservative option to prevent tooth extraction and even invest in space maintainers if the child is young and the permanent tooth is yet to erupt.

Pediatric dentists in Pearland, TX, recommend pediatric dental crowns to avoid the trouble of removing primary teeth and helping parents to prevent unwanted complications like the child’s teeth shifting from their original positions to create a bad bite.

What Exactly Are Pediatric Dental Problems?

Pediatric dental crowns are similar to restorations provided for adults. Various materials help make dental crowns for adults generally concerned about aesthetic appearances when getting their teeth restored. However, pediatric dental crowns are either made from stainless steel or cubic zirconia. Let us define the variations between the two.

Stainless Steel Pediatric Dental Crowns

Stainless steel pediatric dental crowns are commonly used on children’s back molars because of their durability, robustness, and moisture resistance in the child’s developing mouth. In addition, insurance providers cover stainless steel pediatric dental crowns.

Cubic Zirconia Pediatric Dental Crowns

Pediatric crowns in Pearland, TX, recommend cubic zirconia crowns for children with extensively damaged front teeth. This variety is free from metal, incredibly robust, and challenging to destroy because the material is more durable than natural tooth enamel. In addition, these tooth-colored crowns are resistant to decay and plaque accumulation besides being allergy-free.

Is the Process of Getting Pediatric Dental Crowns Different?

The process for getting pediatric dental crowns is similar to adults getting crowns for restorations. Two visits to the Radford dentist are required to get the repair in your child’s mouth. During the first visit, the child’s tooth is prepared by removing any decay before cleaning it and filling it from the top and sides. Impressions of your child’s tooth help dental laboratories fabricate the dental crown either from stainless steel or cubic zirconia, depending on whether the restoration is needed for a molar or a front tooth. Your child receives sedation during the preparation because the procedure is uncomfortable and will likely cause pain in your child’s mouth.

You must return with your child to the Pearland dentist providing restorations for a child’s tooth after the dental laboratory returns the permanent crown. The second visit to the dentist completes faster because the newly prepared dental crown is bonded to your child’s tooth after giving them a prophylactic cleaning.

Is It Possible to Prevent Decay and Cavities in Children?

Tooth decay and cavities are entirely preventable in your child’s mouth. However, you must follow the tips mentioned below to ensure your child maintains appropriate dental hygiene.

  • Brush your child’s teeth twice a day diligently. If a young child insists on brushing themselves, do not prevent them from doing so but follow-up to ensure the child cleans all their teeth correctly. Ensure that your child brushes for at least two minutes.
  • Use dental floss to clean between your child’s teeth gently.
  • Encourage your child to develop healthy eating habits and limit snacking between meals.
  • Schedule six-monthly dental visits for exams and cleanings to ensure your child isn’t developing any issues in their mouths.

Children won’t need dental crowns if they are encouraged to maintain proper dental hygiene and prevented from needing dental crowns if their teeth are sufficiently safeguarded when playing sports using mouthguards. However, if your child needs dental crowns to protect weak or damaged teeth, the better option is to get them instead of avoiding them.

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