Truth About Teeth Whitening

Truth About Teeth Whitening

Sep 01, 2020

There are a number of factors that contribute to teeth staining and discoloration even when practicing good oral hygiene. They range from the foods we consume, lifestyle habits like smoking, trauma or even the kind of medication you are taking. Aging is also a contributing factor to your teeth becoming dull and losing their luster. When your teeth become dull and lose their luster, you may become self-conscious of yourself as not meeting the beauty standards. In this, you may consider teeth whitening in Pearland, TX, to get back your bright smile.

The procedure involves bleaching the teeth to achieve a brighter and lighter shade. There is no interference with the tooth’s surface, which makes it a relatively safe and effective procedure for improving your smile. A variety of techniques are used and they include use of pastes, gels and recently there is the use of laser bleaching. However, for whichever method you choose to whiten your teeth, there is no guarantee that you will completely change the color of your teeth. In most cases you only achieve a couple of shades lighter.

Must-Know Teeth Whitening Facts

  • Teeth Are Porous

The tooth is just like skin and has pores that absorb anything it comes into contact with. This is why consuming certain foods like red wine and coffee leave their color traces on the tooth. The stains accumulate over a period of time, making your teeth appear darker and dull. This sponge-like nature of teeth is also what allows for whitening treatments to work. The whitening ingredients are absorbed by the enamel to bleach the stains and give your teeth a brighter appearance.

  • Teeth Whitening Results Depend on The Delivery Device

Although most of the whitening products in the market use the same ingredients, the difference lies on how the product is delivered. Custom whitening trays prove to be more effective as they allow the whitening agent to be evenly distributed around each tooth. the shortcoming of devices like boils, bit trays and strips is that they may offer inconsistent results.

  • It is Normal to Experience Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

You are likely to experience sensitivity immediately following the procedure and a couple of days later. This is because the treatment leaves the teeth temporarily dehydrated which weakens the insulation of the nerves from temperature changes. Your dentist 77584 at Radford Dental Wellness For Young People, may suggest you follow up with a fluoride treatment to encourage rehydration.

  • Results are Not Instant

The whitening process can take a few days up to several months to achieve the close to the desired shade. This is because it takes time for the whitening agent to penetrate deep into the inside of the tooth. And considering that the whitening agent is left on the tooth for only a short time, it makes sense to repeat the process for good results. The degree of staining and discoloration also influences the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired smile.

  • Restorative Materials Like Caps and Veneers Cannot Be Whitened

Only the natural tooth’s surface can be whitened. For restorative materials, the only solution is to change them.

  • Not Everyone Is A Good Candidate

Teeth whitening will only work for accumulate stains but will not change the natural color of your teeth. if naturally your teeth have a dark shade, whitening will not improve this. Also, in the case of kids it is important that you visit a pediatric dentist near me to determine is the procedure can be done. Most pediatric dentist in Pearland, TX, will whiten child’s teeth only if all the permanent teeth have fully erupted and calcified.

  • Does Not Prevent Further Staining

Whitening your teeth does not mean that the results will last forever. It is still important that you continue to care for your teeth through brushing and flossing. Make sure to attention to habits of foods that may stain or discolor your teeth. However, even after following these precautions, it is still inevitable that as the teeth age, they will discolor again. You may therefore have to be repeating the process to keep your smile whiter.

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