Tooth Extractions Although Dreaded Are Necessary at Times

Tooth Extractions Although Dreaded Are Necessary at Times

Nov 01, 2020

Residents of Pearland, TX, shouldn’t be worried if they are recommended tooth extractions for themselves or their children. Exodontia is the surgical name for tooth extractions and involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone.

Before the pediatric dentist near me recommends your child undergo a tooth extraction, every effort will be made by the dental professional to preserve the tooth by repairs or other methods. Tooth extractions are only recommended when its necessity benefits your oral health.

What Are the Situations Making Tooth Extractions Essential?

  • Children undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional braces may require removing one or more teeth to create sufficient space for better teeth alignment.
  • Adults may need extractions because of severe tooth damage or decay. Such issues are standard with people affected by periodontal disease or have infections that can impact their oral health because the tooth can be restored or repaired. When periodontal disease progresses to advance conditions, the tooth often loosens to enforce an extraction as the only solution.
  • You may need extractions if you have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from erupting.
  • Radiation to the head or neck requires the extraction of the teeth in the field of radiation to avoid complications.
  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy, which weakens your immune system to enhance the risks of tooth infections, extractions may be recommended to avoid complications.

Which Teeth Are Routinely Extracted?

The most common extractions are wisdom teeth removal. The dentist in Pearland, TX, recommends extracting wisdom teeth before they fully emerge. It helps to eliminate potential problems like having an impacted tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth result in infections, the decay of the neighboring teeth, bite interference, and gum disease.

Extracting permanent teeth that have not fully emerged may become essential to make space for orthodontic treatments in adults.

Types Of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction in Pearland, TX, regularly performs two types of tooth extractions. They are:

  • Simple extractions are performed on teeth visible in the mouth, and the removal is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Teeth that are not visible over the gum line require surgical extractions. Surgical procedures are performed by dentists or oral surgeons requiring bone removal or breaking the tooth into pieces before it is extracted.

Preparing For Your Procedure

Before the extraction, you must prepare for the procedure by discussing your medical and dental histories with the dentist open on Saturday in Manvel, Pearland, Fresno, Arcola, or Friendswood. The discussion helps to understand whether you can replace the extracted teeth with same-day dentures in Pearland, TX, close the gap between your teeth, or benefit better by having dental implants in Pearland, TX.

The Pearland dentist 77584 may recommend antibiotics to take before and after the surgery if you have any medical conditions or an infection that has left you with a weakened immune system to avoid complications. You must be proactive with the information you exchange with your dentist and provide all knowledge of the medications you are taking to ensure the extraction process proceeds smoothly.

You can also discuss anesthesia options available to you for the procedure. If you are not overly anxious about tooth extractions, you are given local anesthesia at the extraction site just before removing the tooth. However, if dental anxiety is a problem, you can discuss your options with your dentist and request for more potent anesthesia.

Advances in dentistry and new technology now make it possible for dentists to use dental lasers and electrosurgery when extracting teeth. These technologies ensure many benefits and help complete the procedure with less damage to the neighboring structures, bleeding, and discomfort. The advances also allow in quicker healing. Perhaps the only disadvantage of new technology is the higher price you may have to pay for the procedure.

Healing After Tooth Extraction

Some bleeding is expected after any surgical procedure, and tooth extractions are no different in this regard. You are restricted to a soft diet for a couple of days after tooth removal. Your dentist recommends over-the-counter painkillers or prescribes more potent varieties to ensure you manage with the pain experienced without significant discomfort. It is incredibly essential for you to follow your dentist’s instructions during your recovery without making any effort to damage the extraction site or create any complications in your mouth.

Dentists make all efforts to preserve teeth, but when necessary to safeguard your dental or oral health, they recommend extractions for your benefit.

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