Tooth Extraction After Care Guide: Dos and Don’ts

Tooth Extraction After Care Guide: Dos and Don’ts

May 05, 2022

Your natural and permanent teeth are expected to last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are situations when you might require tooth extractions near you to remove a badly infected or diseased tooth. If you have recently had a tooth extracted, you must undoubtedly follow the after-care instructions provided by your dentist. The dos and don’ts of tooth extraction after-care can provide relief from the pain you experience and help you heal correctly.

This article focuses on the dos and don’ts that you must follow to ensure a quick and safe recovery after you have undergone a tooth extraction.

The Dos

After undergoing tooth extraction near you, experiencing some bleeding is normal. Your dentist advises keeping the gauze pad over the extraction site for at least an hour after completing tooth extraction. If you find the bleeding excessive, you can bite down on the gauze pad to pressurize it to stop the bleeding.

Use Ice Packs

You will likely experience swelling around your cheeks near the extraction site. However, you might not feel any pain initially until the anesthesia wears off in a couple of hours. Swelling and pain are familiar following complicated extractions. In such cases, ice packs are helpful to reduce swelling while at the same time also checking pain. You can apply ice packs to your cheeks for 15 minutes at a time and repeat the application for as long as you want.

Get Plenty of Rest

When you undergo tooth extractions in Pearland, TX, it is an excellent opportunity to get some much-deserved rest. You must refrain from jumping into your regular activities and stay in bed for at least 24 hours, keeping your head in an elevated position using extra pillows. Therefore, you can prepare for the rest you need soon after you schedule your tooth extraction procedure.

Take Medications As Suggested

Tooth extractions cause pain and discomfort, and dentists are aware of the problem. Dentists recommend you take prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to ease the pain during your recovery. However, you must not take aspirin because it delays the blood clot formation around the extraction site.

The Don’ts

Do Not Drink or Eat Immediately After Tooth Extraction

The pediatric dentist in Pearland, TX, advises you refrain your kid from eating or drinking immediately after tooth extraction. Blood clots form at the extraction site after tooth removal but require some time for the formation. Therefore it is beneficial to avoid eating and drinking immediately after tooth removal. Your kid can have ice cream 45 minutes post the extraction procedure.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Tooth removal is not an excuse to stop brushing and flossing. However, you must brush gently around the extraction site to ensure you don’t dislodge the blood clot. Dislodging of the blood clot can result in a dry socket, a painful condition requiring additional treatments from the dentist. Therefore you must brush gently and carefully to prevent an unwanted complication.

Avoid Smoking or Alcohol

Smoking soon after tooth removal invites a host of complications. For example, smoking can weaken the blood clot and delay dry socket formation. Smoking also slows your recovery and makes you prone to gum disease. Therefore you must avoid smoking at least 24 hours before tooth removal and a few days after the procedure to enable quick recovery.

Similarly, alcohol also inhibits the recovery process, making you endure discomfort longer than expected. Therefore smoking and alcohol are better avoided after tooth extraction.

Refrain from Eating Crunchy and Hard Foods

After tooth removal, you must refrain from eating any crunchy or hard foods from around the extraction site. The practice must continue throughout your recovery, and you must exist on a diet of soft foods such as yogurt, applesauce, bananas, et cetera. You can gradually incorporate solid foods into your regular diet after healing from the tooth removal procedure.

If you experience excessive pain or bleeding from the extraction site, contact the dentist for assistance without trying home remedies to ease discomfort.

After undergoing a tooth extraction, you might worry about your aesthetic appearance and try to manage the consequences of tooth loss as best possible. However, you help yourself by contacting Radford Dental, providing excellent tooth replacement solutions that help restore your appearance and prevent the consequences of tooth loss from affecting you. If you follow the after-care guide provided by your dentist, you can overcome the problems associated with tooth extractions and recover quickly without complications.

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