Sedation Dentistry in Pearland, TX

Sedation Dentistry in Pearland, TX

People who benefit from sedation dentistry the most are typically people who struggle with dental anxiety or who are children who have trouble being still during dental treatment. Some patients who are young also have a tendency to have meltdowns, or freak-outs, in the middle of dental treatment. If this is the case for you or someone in your family, sedation dentistry in Pearland, TX, might be perfect for you. Many people today are under-informed regarding sedation dentistry and believe that it is the same thing as anesthesia during surgery. Thankfully, that is not the case at all! Sedation dentistry is much more safe and is extremely effective for everyone in the family dentistry Pearland, TX. Young children who are scheduled to see a pediatric dentist near me as well as adults who visit our dentist 77584 benefit from the calming effects of sedation dentistry. If you have dental anxiety or your child could benefit from sedation dentistry, and you live in Pearland, Friendswood, Fresno, Arcola, Alvin, or Manvel, Radford Dental Wellness For Young People is here to help.

Facts Regarding Sedation Dentistry

Fact: There are different levels of sedation available

Depending on the patient, Some people prefer to be minimally sedated, and others prefer to be sedated as much as necessary. Depending on your preference, you can choose to be given enough sedation to remain completely awake and relaxed when you visit a dentist open on Saturday near me. In this case, you would be completely conscious throughout the procedure, and your level of sedation would be very mild. Otherwise, laughing gas can be given to a patient to the point that they barely remember the procedure.

Fact: Sedation dentistry is safe

During sedation dentistry, laughing gas is given to the patient before the start of the procedure. When the pediatric dentist Pearland TX, finishes the procedure, the gas leaves your system very quickly, and you become fully alert and awake. During the procedure, the pediatric dentist near you and other dental professionals are constantly monitoring you. There is virtually no extra risk with the use of laughing gas.

Fact: Sedation dentistry has been around a long time

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, has been dated in the use of dentistry all the way back to the 19th century. It is a very well understood dental tool, and it is completely safe to use. Make a consultation visit with our dentist near you open on Saturday for more information regarding sedation dentist near me.

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