Frenectomies in Pearland, TX

Frenectomies in Pearland, TX

It is more than likely that you have ever heard about the part of your body named the frenum. It is located in your mouth and, while it seems insignificant, has the ability to manipulate how you chew, speak, and even eat! In the case that you are having issues with your frenum, a seasoned dental professional will most likely recommend that you get a frenectomy done. In today’s article we are going to discuss what a frenectomy is and how it has the potential to transform the way you live your life!

All About Frenectomies

Frenectomies are conducted in order to treat disorders or obstructions associated with the frenum. In the human mouth, there is a labial and a lingual frenum. Sometimes, whether a patient be born with it, or it is the outcome of an injury, sometimes our frenums can become detrimental to our health. For example, a detached or loose frenum can be obstructive for a child that is in the state of nursing, or taking a bottle. This can affect how they eat, and their overall quality of life. Other examples have shown that a frenum that is attached loosely to the gum line can make it difficult to practice an appropriate oral hygiene routine.

A lingual frenectomy is usually done with an incision being made at the frenum, in which the tongue is then freed. This incision is sutured and given time to heal. On the other hand, a labial frenum that causes gaps between central incisors can be fixed with the eruption of permanent teeth or braces that are able to close the gap. However, if this natural occurrence or procedure does not work fully, then the band of the labial frenum is cut, removed, sutured, and then given time to heal.

Are You Due to See your Local Dentist?

If you are currently having problems with your frenum, it is time that you sought the help of your local Pearland dentist and ask about the possibility of getting a frenectomy. If you are still unsure as to why you may be having issues with your frenum, that is reason enough to also give us at Radford Dental Wellness For Young People a call! We would love to meet you and every member of your family to supply them with dental care that is pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable! Give us a call or send us an email as soon as you possibly can!

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