Dental Fillings in Pearland, TX

Dental Fillings in Pearland, TX

At Radford Dental Wellness for Young People, like at most dental offices that treat young patients, one treatment we commonly provide is dental fillings. This treatment is needed when a patient has become affected by a cavity. Children have the highest risk of developing cavities because of their diet and oral hygiene habits. You can be assured, however, that when a cavity is detected in your child’s mouth, our pediatric dentist Pearland, TX, will take care of it promptly and compassionately at our dental office in Pearland, TX.

What are Cavities?

A pediatric dentist near me defines cavities as small areas of decay that form in the teeth. They are created when bacteria are allowed to collect in a certain area of the mouth. There, the bacteria produce acids that damage the enamel and start to wear away at the tooth. To prevent the cavity from worsening and to replace the lost tooth structure, a filling will be placed on the tooth.

What is the Procedure for Dental Fillings?

The procedure to have a filling placed can usually be completed in just one visit to our dentistry near you in Pearland. A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the area around the tooth. The procedure isn’t painful, but there may be some discomfort as there will be some drilling. Children who experience dental anxiety may benefit from other forms of oral sedation. Our dentist open on Saturday near me at Radford Dental Wellness will talk to you about the available options.

Once the tooth has been numbed, your Pearland dentist 77584 will start to remove the decayed tooth structure. She will then clean it out and shape it to prepare it for the filling. Dental fillings in Pearland, TX, can be made of different materials. The most commonly used material is composite because it is fairly strong and can be colored to match the natural tooth color. The material will be applied in layers to strengthen it and will be hardened using a special light. To complete the application of the filling, our dentist near you open on Saturday will shape and polish the filling to ensure that it fits with the patient’s bite.

A successful dental filling treatment will restore function to your child’s teeth and prevent further damage from occurring. Visit us at Radford Dental Wellness for Young People if you reside near Arcola, Pearland, Friendswood, Manvel, Alvin, or Fresno, and you believe that your child has a cavity. Dr. Rhea. E. Radford will be happy to see you.

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