Sedation Dentistry for Children

Sedation Dentistry for Children

Dec 01, 2019

Dental visits for children are important from six to 14 years as that’s when their permanent teeth and jawbone develop. At Radford Dental Wellness for young people, we recommend dental visits every six months.

However, due to dental phobia, fewer children come for their regular dental checkups which can be problematic for their dental health. To address the issue, we offer sedation to keep your child relaxed and reduce pain.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is a mild sedative given to your child to reduce anxiety while they receive dental treatment. Our pediatrician in Pearland will recommend dental sedation in different situations such as:

  • When the child needs multiple dental treatments
  • When the child has a strong gag reflex
  • If the safety of the child will be compromised during the procedure

It is important to remember that the sedation does not in any way control discomfort or pain after the procedure. Your child might need pain killers to control pain.

What Are the Types of Sedation We Offer?

  • Nitric oxide

At Radford Dental Wellness, we often offer nitric oxide sedation as it is mild, safe, and it gives out dentists the liberty to adjust the dosage as required.

The sedation is administered using a mask and the gas takes effect within five minutes. However, it tends to wear off just as quickly and that’s why we instruct the child to keep the mask until the procedure is done.

Expect your child to have a ‘happy feeling’ after the procedure as the nitric oxide wears off. Our pediatric dentist near me may use oxygen to clear out the remaining nitric oxide.

Other Types of Sedation Dentistry

Depending on the age of the child and dental condition, we may use oral or IV sedation to keep the child relaxed.

  • Oral sedation

With oral sedation, the dentist will give the child a pill an hour before the procedure to keep them calm. Although they may get a bit drowsy, the drug doesn’t induce sleep and they are awake throughout the procedure.

  • IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is injected through the veins and is required for longer dental procedures. Keep in mind that home preparation is required for this procedure.

What to Expect

The pediatric dentist Pearland, TX, may ask you to limit food intake and drinks before the dental procedure. Here are special instructions to follow;

For children under 12 months

  • You may give formula six hours before the procedure
  • If breastfeeding, nurse the baby four hours before

For toddlers

Don’t give any solid food or non-clear liquids after midnight on the day before the procedure. However, you can water two hours before.

How to Comfort Your Child Before Sedation?

Children can sense your concern and fear, so ensure you are as calm as possible. Additionally, you can:

  • Bring a toy or stuffed animal to help your child relax
  • Hold your child’s hand to let them know you are there
  • Children react differently to the sedation effect. They may be fussy and crying. These side effects will wear off after some time, but before then try to keep them calm.

At-Home Aftercare

After dental sedation, your child’s nose, throat, and mouth may be numb for one to two hours. So, be cautious when feeding the baby. Give them soft foods for the first few hours and watch to make sure they don’t bite their lips, cheeks or tongue. Additionally, allow your child to rest after the procedure.

Ensure you bring your child for the follow-up dental visit for assessment.

When to Call the Doctor

Call our dentist in Pearland, if your child develops fever, severe pain, vomiting, or bleeding of gums 24 hours after the procedure.

The Radford Difference

Our dental services are designed to address different children’s dental conditions. Apart from sedation dentistry, we also have preventive dentistry (recommended for children), dental fillings, pediatric crowns, and teeth whitening among others.

Furthermore, our dental clinic is family-oriented and has 20 years of experience. You can rest knowing that your child is in safe hands. So, call our dentist 77584 for your child’s dental consultation and assessment.

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