Reasons Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Considered the Best

Reasons Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Considered the Best

Dec 01, 2021

Everyone desires a brighter smile and looks around for products to whiten their teeth. Unfortunately, the choices available over-the-counter can confuse and overwhelm the average layperson. However, it may help if they try to understand two categories of whitening options to choose from. They are professional teeth whitening from the dentist or at-home whitening products dispensed by dental professionals. Using over-the-counter remedies, although looking appealing, may not deliver the desired results and may lead to disappointments over time and money wasted.


If you desire to brighten your discolored teeth, you may also look around for over-the-counter products because you don’t want to spend a significant sum or are fearful of dental visits. Unfortunately, if you desire instant results, in-office teeth whitening is the only remedy that delivers the results you want. Therefore it helps if you look around for teeth whitening near you to eliminate the discoloration on your teeth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

In-office treatments from teeth whitening in Pearland, TX, work rapidly than teeth whitening at home. Besides using more robust hydrogen peroxide solutions, dental offices also use heat and light to accelerate and intensify treatment. Results from professionals in-office whitening change the color of your teeth by three to eight shades. However, you may require multiple visits to the dentist’s office if you have severe discoloration on your teeth.


In-office teeth whitening from dentists use a greater dosage of hydrogen peroxide than is obtainable in most home whitening kits. For example, teeth whitening strips contain merely six percent hydrogen peroxide. At-home trays have around 22 percent. However, professional teeth whitening treatments use approximately 35 to 40 percent concentrated hydrogen peroxide. However, the results from the higher percentage are enhanced by other techniques like heat and light to ensure you spend less time in the dentist’s chair to get dramatic results lasting longer than any other treatment.

Is There a Risk Associated with Teeth Whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure is pretty straightforward, and you will not likely experience any risks from the treatment. When you visit a dental professional for teeth whitening, they assess your teeth, looking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease before they confirm your candidacy for the treatment. If you have infections in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide causes sensitivity making you unsuitable for teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening treatments from dentists are excellent for external discoloration on your teeth developing from foods, beverages, and lifestyle habits like smoking. However, if you have intrinsic staining resulting from infections or medication, the treatments from the dentist will require you to undergo internal bleaching requiring two weeks or more before you can see visible results.


In reality, the teeth whitening procedure is comfortable and unlikely to leave behind any side effects. If a teenager in your home needs teeth whitening for a special event, the Pearland pediatric dentist near me can help them achieve their goal of having brighter and whiter teeth in one appointment at the dentist’s office.


Why Must You Choose Expensive Professional Teeth Whitening over Other Methods?


Professional teeth whitening treatments do not merely bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide solutions. Although the treatments cost approximately $ 650, there are various steps involved before the dentist starts the whitening procedure on your teeth.


Firstly you undergo a dental exam to identify signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Second, a dental hygienist gives you a comprehensive cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulated on your teeth, contributing to the discoloration. After providing the teeth whitening treatment, the dentist 77584 ensures the application of a desensitizing cream to ensure you don’t confront any sensitivity. Finally, you receive a fluoride treatment to help in your battle against cavities for several months. It confirms that the entire treatment is customized for your needs and is not a one-size-fits-all solution available from other methods.


On the other hand, if you prefer over-the-counter remedies or treatments provided by non-dental professionals, you expose yourself to the risks of teeth whitening treatments. Over-the-counter remedies are created for everyone and are not customized. Non-dental professionals may leave peroxide solutions on your teeth for too long to dehydrate them and cause more harm than any good. Therefore when considering teeth whitening treatments, you must opt for a remedy provided by a dental professional instead of seeking ways to cut down on costs by using other techniques.


Teeth whitening from dentists remains with you for six months to three years with proper dental care. First, however, you must limit or avoid staining foods and beverages and lifestyle habits like smoking, brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once, and schedule appointments with the teeth whitening dentist every six months for cleanings and exams.


The dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments are optimal because they are customized for your needs and deliver instant results, unlike other products having the potential to create more harm than brighten your teeth.


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