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6 Month Checkup

Patients that see their dentist regularly are more likely to have better oral health. For parents, your child will learn a lifelong lesson of being proactive about their health. By scheduling your checkup at regular intervals, will help make it easier to keep your appointment.

Pediatric and adult dentists provide routine check ups every six months that help to develop good dental health habits and implement proactive treatments. Patients will receive some or all of these services during their checkup:

  • Complete Dental Exam – performed by the Pediatric Dentist
  • X-Ray Imaging – may be required to determine a complete diagnosis
  • Basic Cleaning and Flossing – performed by the Pediatric Dentist of Dental Hygienist
  • Teeth Cleaning to remove extensive tartar and plaque buildup
  • Fluoride application after teeth cleaning
  • Dental Hygiene Tips – How and when to properly floss and brush their teeth