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Adult Dentistry

Family dentistry is not a a specialty area of dentistry, it is provided by dental health professionals that were formerly known as general practitioners.

Dentists and Physicians

Dentist complete their post graduate education by showing proficiency with the diagnosis
 and general treatment of dental problems seen in either sex and at any age.

Checkups for Everyone

Family dental clinics provide convenience and continuity of treatment for the entire household.  Children learn from their parents good dental hygiene and regular checkups.  Parents can schedule appointments with their children to save time.


Dentistry is a branch of medicine that used to be called Stomatology ( which consists of the study of the mouth and disorders and diseases within and around)

Inside / Outside

Now there are several specialties of the oral cavity and of adjacent and related structures and tissues ranging from cosmetic to endodontics.

Dental Pros

Dental treatments are carried out by a dental healthcare trained professionals of (assistants, hygienists, technicians, and counselors).

Old Teeth

Ancient artifacts indicate that dental care was somewhat sophisticated with basic instruments and methods.
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