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How does oral health relate to being healthy?

Living From Your Mouth

The mouth is the entrance for the whole of your body. We eat, breath and communicate with our mouth. Anything that is abnormal in the mouth is a clear sign of problems.

Got Dental Hygiene?

Good oral health begins with simple daily steps of thoroughly brushing and flossing. Many people learn the importance of dental hygiene and develop a new appreciation for their teeth.

Public Enemy #1: Cavities

Cavities (Caries) are dreaded by everyone but they can be avoided.  The presence of cavities is still a major problem for children in America.  Regular checkups / dental examinations can detect cavities early to prevent most extensive dental decay from happening

Commit To Good Health!

Schedule an appointment, mark your calendar and commit to your good health.  The idea of waiting until you are in debilitating pain is dangerous and stressful. You can instantly improve your well being with the new idea of taking charge of your health.

In Just a Few Minutes

In a few minutes, twice a day, good oral hygiene is achieved with brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, “flossing” between your teeth once a day, use a new toothbrush every three or four weeks.

What Diet?

Yes, eating a reasonably healthy diet and limiting ‘sugar’ packed food/snacks is great start to better health. Moderate changes to your diet to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables will help your new health journey.