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Your Child’s Dental Visit

Parental Guidance

Parents or guardians can help to make their dental health experience by talking to the child about going to the dentist and why it is important.and what to expect. Keeping in mind to avoid words or phrases that may cause unnecessary anxiety.

What To Expect

To help with explaining what happens at the dentist’s office, the following can be expected for initial and returning patients:
  1. Friendly People – Pediatric healthcare specialists
  2. Oral Hygiene – cleaning of the teeth with a special toothbrush (6 months and up)
  3. Dental Exam – performed by the dentist to check the gums and teeth with these dental instruments
  4. X-Ray Imaging – special pictures inside the mouth ( Dental Radiography )
  5. Dental Health Education – answer questions, techniques for proper brushing and flossing…

Great Dental Health Habits for Life

Helping your child to have good dental health begins with their first visit to the dentist.  Having regular dental exams will help your child to understand that taking care of their teeth is important.

Role Models for Health

Many adults attribute their good dental habits to their parent’s guidance and diligence. It is a team effort that starts in the home and is supported by your pediatric dental provider.

Your child should visit the dentist soon after their first teeth usually begin to appear (erupt) around six to eight months of age.