Dental Cleaning and Exams: How Are They Done?

Dental Cleaning and Exams: How Are They Done?

Jun 01, 2020

Dental exams are aimed at finding underlying oral issues. Your dentist uses the procedure to check on cavities, oral cancer problematic restorations, or signs of infections. Cleanings are done to remove tartar from your teeth and check whether your gums are healthy.

What Dental Exams and Cleanings entail

During cleaning and dental exams, your dentist evaluates risks that may lead to the development of infections. Tissues abnormalities are check during the visit. Among the diagnostic procedures utilized by your dentist include the use of radiographs.

Routine dental exams are vital in preventive oral care. You find consultation from the dentist near you on the best dietary and regular oral hygiene habits to utilize. Your hygienist also demonstrates to you how to floss and brush your teeth.

You can take your children to a pediatric dentist near me for dental exams to ensure that they are free from cavities.

Why are Dental Exams and Cleaning done?

Regular oral exams allow your dentist to detect dental issues early. Regular check-ups are done to:

  • Examine the condition of existing restorations on your dental crowns or fillings
  • Check on any signs of periodontal diseases.
  • Detect tumors, cysts, tooth decay or bone loss
  • Determine whether your tissues have any signs of oral cancer

Cleaning is done to handle the following:

  • Removal of stains and plaque from your teeth through scaling and brushing
  • Get rid of tartar that develops below your gum line.
  • Elimination of plaque that may form on your teeth leading to the inflammation of the gums

The procedures are essential in the preservation of your oral wellness. Our dentists in Pearland, TX, recommend that you make an appointment after six months.

What to Expect During Dental Examinationsand Cleanings

Upon visiting your dentist for a dental exam, your medical history will be evaluated. You will understand some of the risk factors that could severely become life-threatening is untreated. Your loose replacements on dentures and dental bridges will undergo readjustment.

At Pearland, dental exams are done to determine:

  • The need to undergo fluoride treatment
  • Your overall wellness and oral health
  • The risk of having teeth or root decay, and jaw bone or gum diseases
  • Whether your teeth demonstrate a proper form of cleaning
  • The possible existence of stains or material deposits on your teeth
  • Problems related to your jaw bone and your bites
  • The state of your replacements and restorations

Adept diagnostics is done by the use of X-rays to examine the state of your mouth tissues. Your dentist uses digital images to explore the tissues underneath the teeth and the gum line, in discovering the underlying dental issues.

Dental Exams and Cleaning at Pearland, TX

At Radford Dental Wellness, we delight in preserving your child’s smile and preventing dental issues. Our pediatric dentists in Pearland, TX, perform diagnostic processes on your child’s teeth, remove tartar, floss the teeth check on cavities, and check on gum infections.

We use safe equipment to handle your child’s dental exam. Your child needs a routine appointment with our pediatric dentist Pearland, TX to prevent any dental-related complications. We schedule flexible appointments, and our dentists are open on Saturday. Oral exams and cleaning at Pearland ensure that you and your family preserve your dental health.

Oral Exams at Pearland, TX

We handle dental examinations to identify early signs of infections, periodontal diseases, and cavities. Our diagnostics are optimally projected at preventing your dental from life-threatening issues. Our team of experts examines you and monitors any changes that occur on your mouth tissues.

Upon identification of any abnormal changes, a treatment plan is made to prevent further complications. Oral exams are vital in mapping various infections that begin proliferating from your oral tissues before affecting other organs.

Dental Cleaning In Pearland

Home-based dental care is recommendable, but the practices are not adequate in assuring your oral health. There’s a need to make regular visits to the dentist 77584.

Our pediatric dentists perform professional dental cleaning for your child. They floss your child’s teeth to eliminate plaque. With the use of examination equipment, they can clean the mouthparts you’re not in a position to clean. If your child undergoes routine oral care, they are exempted from cavities, infections, and gum diseases.

You can schedule your dental exam and cleaning in Pearland to ensure the preservation of your oral health.

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