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Frenectomy / Frenula

Dental Procedure : Frenectomy

Labial Frenula

Connective tissue between the upper lip and gums in (upper lip) area of the mouth

Lingual Frenula

Connective tissue between the tongue and lower jaw area of the mouth

Dental Procedure

We perform labial frenectomy procedures after careful consideration with the parent and any other healthcare professional the parent would like to involve in the decision process.  It is a common procedure with minimal discomfort for 1 – 2 days.

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A labial frenectomy is a form of frenectomy performed on the lip. 

The labial frenulum often attaches to the center of the upper lip and between the upper two front teeth. This can cause a large gap and gum recession by pulling the gums off the bone. A labial frenectomy removes the labial frenulum. Orthodontic patients often have this procedure done to assist with closing a front tooth gap. When a denture patient’s lips move, the frenulum pulls and loosens the denture which can be uncomfortable. This surgery is often done to help dentures fit better.

The removal of the frenulum does not cause any adverse effects to the lip and mouth.

Labial Frenectomy- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oral tissue: Frenula of the mouth include the frenulum linguae under the tongue, the frenulum labii superioris inside the upper lip, the frenulum labii inferioris inside the lower lip, and the buccal frena which connect the cheeks to the gum. These can easily be torn by violent blows to the face or mouth, thus a torn frenulum is sometimes a warning sign of physical abuse.

Frenulum- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A frenectomy (also known as a frenulectomy, frenulotomy or frenotomy) is the removal of a frenulum, a small fold of tissue that prevents an organ in the body from moving too far.

It can refer to frenula in several places on the human body. It is related to frenuloplasty, a surgical alteration in a frenulum. Done mostly for orthodontic purposes, a frenectomy is either performed inside the middle of upper lip, which is called labial frenectomy, or under the tongue, called lingual frenectomy.

Frenectomy is a very common dental procedure in the dental world and is performed both on children and adults.

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