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Digital Imaging (X-ray)

Dental Examinations

A proactive healthy mouth routine includes regular dental cleanings and examinations every six months by your dental care provider.  We emphasize preventive dental care that supports our patient’s daily dental hygiene habits of brushing and flossing.

We promote state and national guidelines for an effective dental checkup that includes the following:

  • Teeth cleaning by a state licensed dental hygienist or dentist to skillfully remove harmful plaque and build up
  • Dental examination by a state licensed dentist for possible signs of physical damage or disease in and around the mouth
  • Imaging (X-rays) of the entire mouth area can help the dentist to further examine areas below the tooth and gum surfaces
  • Consultation and discussion about your present dental health and related issues that may affect your overall health

Pediatric Exams

Pediatric dentist utilize their years of specialize training to thoroughly observe all aspects of the development of the patient’s mouth and mandible (jaw).

The first dental exam will help the parent gain understanding as to what to expect as their child’s teeth begin to appear. By introducing your child to regular dental care, you will be creating good health habits that promote wellness.

On the Surface

The process involves using detailed observation skills of the tooth and gum surfaces with the aid of bright light and examination hand tools like a small mirror and explorer.

Below the Surface

see X-Ray Images (Dental Radiography)

To ‘see’ inside the soft tissues of the teeth, gums and jaw, X-ray imaging allows the dentist to conduct a complete examination. The two common images that are produced are the following: