How Long Does It Take an Endodontist to Do a Root Canal?
Sep 01, 2022

Teeth contain more than the visible white part known as the crown. They have living tissues inside them known as…

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What Can You Expect after Sedation Dentistry?
Aug 01, 2022

Are you fearful of dental visits because they make you anxious and prevent you from receiving essential dental care? Unfortunately,…

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Is a Frenectomy Considered Oral Surgery?
Jul 01, 2022

Do you reckon that your child needs an oral treatment that will reinforce speech therapies? When kids have a hard…

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Things to Know about Dental Fillings for Kids
Jun 01, 2022

Studies reveal that nearly 40 percent of children experience dental fear. The most significant concerns children have leading to a…

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Tooth Extraction After Care Guide: Dos and Don’ts
May 05, 2022

Your natural and permanent teeth are expected to last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are situations when you might require…

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What Happens During Sedation Dentistry?
Apr 01, 2022

Dentists use sedation dentistry to help a patient relax as a dental procedure is being performed. It comprises various techniques…

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