A Basic Guide To Baby Tooth Extraction in Pearland, TX

A Basic Guide To Baby Tooth Extraction in Pearland, TX

Jan 01, 2021

Professional tooth extraction is common among adults, but is it necessary among kids? After all, baby teeth fall on their own, right? Well, sometimes, there is a need to involve a pediatric dentist in Pearland, TX. In this blog, we will discuss more about baby tooth extraction so you can know when it is necessary to involve a dentist 77584.

Situations That Demand Baby Tooth Extraction

It is crucial to ensure that your child’s baby teeth remain intact until they fall out on their own. That way, they will preserve the space for permanent teeth, and there won’t be problems with the alignment of her teeth. However, there comes a time where some baby teeth have to be extracted. These situations include:

Tooth Decay

Dental decay is a prevalent problem among children, especially ones between six and twelve. That’s why we always recommend fluoride treatment and dental sealants to protect your kid’s teeth from decay.

However, if your child is attacked by decay and the tooth cannot be saved through various cavity treatment options, it may have to be extracted to stop the decay from spreading to the surrounding teeth. Our dentist in Pearland, TX, is here for you if you are looking for an extraction service near you.

Baby Teeth Not Failing At the Expected Time

Typically, baby teeth fall to make space for permanent teeth. But what if the baby teeth don’t fall on time? If a baby tooth fails to fall on time, a permanent tooth will start growing beneath it, affecting your child’s teeth alignment and smile appearance. That’s why it is crucial to have them extracted.

Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment

If your child has more teeth than the jaw can hold, the dentist can recommend extraction of one or two teeth to make space on the jaws.

Damaged Baby Tooth

If your kid’s tooth is damaged beyond repair, the dentist may have to extract it to prevent bacteria from building up in the area.

Our dentist will never recommend baby tooth extraction unless it is absolutely necessary. After extraction, we will probably recommend placing a stainless steel crown to preserve the space for permanent teeth. Once the permanent tooth erupts, the crown will fall out on its own.

Baby Tooth Extraction Procedure

Typically, the dentist will use the simple extraction approach while extracting a baby tooth. The surgical approach is only used for impacted teeth. Don’t panic, though. Your child will not feel any pain during the extraction. Here is how the procedure will probably be like.


The dentist will carry out an x-ray scan to check if there are any complications in your child’s mouth that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The radiograph images will also help the dentist identify where the roots are located and the structure of your child’s jawbone.


The dentist will sedate your kid to ensure she does not feel any pain during the procedure. In most cases, he will use local anesthesia. This option is safe, and your child will be conscious during the procedure, although she will not be feeling any pain. Local anesthesia takes some time before it takes effect. Therefore, it is normally injected at least an hour before the extraction.

Tooth Extraction

The pediatric dentist near me will use the necessary tools to extract the target tooth. He will be super careful not to damage your kid’s jawbone or gums while extracting.

Stopping the Bleeding

Since the approach is not surgical, the dentist will not use any stitches. Instead, he will use apply a piece of gauze on the bleeding site and ask your child to hold onto it for at least 20 minutes. In most cases, the piece of gauze will dry all the blood and stop the bleeding.

Space Maintainer

To make sure that the permanent teeth space is maintained, the dentist will suggest a space maintainer after the procedure. They are not always necessary, but it is wise to ensure your child uses one to prevent future orthodontic problems.

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